All Style

ALLSTYLEDANCEWORKOUT is a multi layered, multi genre, music driven, fun dance fitness class.  With three intensities you can choose how easy or how hard you want to work.    



This one is ideal for those just starting out on a dance fitness journey and those recovering from or coping with minor injuries, pre/post natal, pre post operative and for dancers "of a certain age".  This session will still raise your heart rate, give you a healthy glow and keep those joints mobilised and the muscles supple.

If you are unsure which level to start at give this one a go and you'll know exactly where you need to be!


Music genres will be a bit more traditional in these sessions, however, every class will have a wonderfully eclectic mix so there'll be something in there for everyone!


This one is straight down the middle and ticks all the right boxes!  Still easy to follow, will get your pulse & heart rate pumping, a little burn on the quads, some upper body action, core work and lots and lots of cool moves.  Obviously a little faster and you will glow, glow glow!!!

Music choices will introduce hip hop and current pop as well as all the old faves!



So this is the higher impact session for those who like to glow even more!!!  There will be everything you'll come to expect from an allstyledanceworkout however this one turns up the heat with at least one had core cardio track.  This one may even hit the HIIT trend so get ready!!

Music genres will  be as eclectic as ever with this one cranking up the tempo to get you really moving!!