We are currently preparing to launch our All Style Instructor Academy

It goes without saying and I make no apologies for boasting that we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved with All Style Dance during what has been the most challenging of times for the whole world.  My husband chuckled when I told him what I was going to try to achieve with my fellow "All Style" instructors but he also said "darling, if anyone can make a go of this, you can . . "  Here we are now gradually emerging into a more normal world and I can share with you that we have indeed had 1000s of happy participants and the rewards have been significant.


Not only is it a joy tone in the room dancing face to face but also for the participants who are still dancing with us on screen as we continue to Zoom up a storm.  The success we are having with the launch of the LIVE classes demonstrates that we were set to take things to the next level and so we thought this is the ideal time to launch our Instructor Academy and spread the All Style love even wider.

Fellow dancers, dance teachers and dance fitness instructors are now looking for something new, fresh and exciting. Something that is easy to deliver, easy to follow, easy to manage and brings joy & happiness.  Yes, happiness!  

So . . .  if that's you? If you're looking to be happy growing an exciting new dance business then I am so glad you found us.

Email us, call us, reach out on social media but PLEASE get in touch to register your interest.  We are working behind the scenes to prepare our inaugural Instructor Online Training Day and we will be thrilled to login to Zoom and to welcome you all. I will respond to your enquiry with lots more information (including financials) and we hope to see you delivering All Style Dance to your 100's of participants soon.  There has never been a better time to try something new . . . 

In the meantime . . . thanks in advance for spending time on our web and stay safe,